Cost of the Room
- The Walker School pays $3500 each year for the room.
- Each participating school contributes $500 to help cover the cost of the room.
- 7 schools need to send in checks in order for the room to be purchased, Walker is one of these schools
- Large schools who have more than 20 teachers participating should contribute $500 for each group of teachers (e.g. Upper School, Middles School, Lower School, Pre-School).
- Small districts may elect to have up to 20 faculty from different schools participate for the same cost. If this is the case, the teachers must be stipulated in the letter of intent. Any changes to this list must be in writing.

If we get 15 schools or more, we can buy (for $7500) the unlimited version, which will allow each school to create more than 1 room / per hour.

  • These costs are subject to change based on pricing from Elluminate.

Letter of Intent
Participating schools should send along with their check, a letter stipulating their intent to collaborate with other schools on various projects and use the our Elluminate room. The letter should be send on official school letterhead and be signed by an administrator.

Checks Payable
Check are due each year on or before July 31st to:
The Walker School
c/o Accounting Department
700 Cobb Parkway North
Marietta, GA 30062
Attn: Elluminate Room

Member Schools
- Each member schools may use the room 1 hour per day.
- Rooms need to be scheduled at least 48 hours in advance.
- Schools collaborating on a project may reserve 1 hour per day per school.
- After school hours are on a first come, first serve basis
- If a room has not been scheduled a day before, then another school may use the room.
- All recordings will be posted to this wiki for review by any other school.
- If the number of participants is believe to be in excess of the room capacity, then the project coordinator should have a sign up sheet for the project on the wiki

Non-Member Schools
- Non-member schools may participate as guests of participating schools
- Participating schools should advertise the project to all member schools and provide an opportunity for participation.
- Participating schools may have priority in attending a session
- 5 slots should be reserved for representatives from non-member schools to participate if they choose, as we want to grow our network