Real Simple Syndication (RSS) in the Classroom

Teachers can share information about how to integrate real simple syndication (RSS) feeds into the AP curriculum.

RSS in Real English
By Common Craft
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RSS- A Four Part Series(Basic)
by Mr. Paccio and Mr. Gates

Using screencasts, Mr Paccio and Mr. Gates will present a four-part series designed to teach the new learner about RSS. The presentation will start with how to set up an account and subscribe in Bloglines. Part two will take the idea of subscribing and apply it to Netvibes and Pageflakes. Part Three will show how works and introduce the idea of tags. It will also show how to subscribe to tags in in Bloglines and show how to obtain the public address for the feedroll there. Finally, in part four, they’ll tie it all together and show how the for: tag in can be used by students to help feed sites to the teacher’s account which in turn gets posted to the public address in Bloglines. Each section should be a stand alone module, but together they paint a picture of an automated way for students and teachers to share web resources.

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RSS Aggregators
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